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"Care and Responsible" is the synonymous as GREEN TEMP’s overall image and general manager emphasizes on quality of the machines. We strict control from the materials management, sampling inspection, and testing before delivery. We emphasize usefulness of products, facilitate quality and easy operations. After- sales service is also one important part of quality assurance. We provide comprehensive and fast after-sales service for overboard customers to satisfy all the customers.
GREEN TEMP has cooperated with industrial machinery makers in Taiwan to have more business opportunities. Our customers are all over the world such as China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, South America. We also have cooperated agent in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Colombia, Portugal, Peru, Poland, and Bangladesh to sale and maintain service.

GREEN TEMP has insisted to chase perfect freeze technology, continues to create and research innovation and new products to provide high-efficiency and power saving machines to make sure GREEN TEMP become the best choice for all kinds of industrial machinery in international market.

GREEN TEMP TECH MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1981 and sell abroad over fifty countries by company brand 『YUTING』 Our company has been dedicated to the pursuit of cooling technology excellence and specialized in development and manufacture plastic auxiliary equipment to meet the demands of the customer and high technology. We developed the new cooling medium series in 1998 to equally emphasize the environment protection and economy. GREEN TEMP has passed the CE certified. The products are conformed the machine safety regulation to make the products more competitive. We established service department to maintain and service the customer in China. GREEN TEMP extend the business and established second factory in 2007 and re-extend the factory to 5000 square meter in 2014.

GREEN TEMP improves the productivity, provides power saving , and environment protection for the industries to enhance the competitive in the times of great energy consumption. GREEN TEMP is insisted to create innovative and high quality products to satisfy the customers. Products / Services Summary GREEN TEMP TECH MACHINERY CO., LTD. manufactures the following products:
‧Air cooled Water chiller 
‧Water cooled Water chiller 
‧Screw type compressor water chiller
‧Mold temperature controller 
‧Blown film cooler 
‧Industrial dehumidifier 
‧Dual Temp. Water chiller 
‧Cold/Hot Water chiller 
‧Closed circuit fluid cooler 
‧Air cooler for control box


Quality Assurance


YU TING Refrigerator Co., Ltd.


Glory and honor


2019 3th
Taiwan Good Trademark Award


2021 20th
Golden Hand Award

2022 6th
Enterprise Elite Award


Care and Responsible

2021 Taichung City Golden Hand Award Winning Manufacturers Introduction

2018 The 16th Taipei International Plastic & Rubber Industry Exhibition

Green Temp Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

Green Temp Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

No.38, Gongye 8th Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412
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