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Water cooled chillers / Air cooled chiller

Water cooled chillers

● Inverter type water chiller

● Water cooled chillers

Air cooled chiller

● Inverter type air chiller
● Air cooled chiller
● Modular-Air Cooled Chillers

The characteristics of the machine

Water chiller

  1. Water chiller can be used indoors, where the ventilation is not good.

  2. Water chiller’s capacity is better than air chiller and price also cheap than air chiller.

Air chiller

  1. Air chiller does not need to be equipped with a cooling tower and suitable for use in area where water quality is not good.

  2. The piping of the machine is simple, only two ice water pipes and supply pipes can be installed.

  3. When the machine is badly cooled, simply clean the filter with an air gun.

  4. Air chiller is suitable for use in chilled countries or regions and suitable for use in area where ice will be frozen in winter.

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