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Industrial dehumidifier

YT750A1 / YT1000A1

​YT750A1 / YT1000A1

Industrial dehumidifier

● YT-750A-1,1000A-1

Industrial air conditioner a basic introduction of the equipment. This industrial air conditioner is designed for injection molders and has the same function as domestic air conditioners. It is applied for controlling the ambient temperature around an injection mold. Too much moisture in the air may affect the quality of the mold surface because of condensation forming on the molded surface. This industrial air conditioner is ideal for controlling moisture and maintaining consistant quality in molded products.

Industrial dehumidifier
  1. The industrial air conditioner is used for preform injection molding machines.

  2. The air conditioner is linked to the mold through its built-in blower.

  3. The evaporator and the condensor in the air conditioner process the moisturized air to produce dry cold air. The dry, cold air is then blown into the mold chamber to minimize moisture that causes condensation problems. The air conditioner fills the mold chamber with cold air and totally eliminates condensation on the mold surface whilst it is cooling.

  4. CONDENSATION REMOVAL PRINCIPLE-HOW THE MOISTURE IS ELIMINATED. The air compressor forces refrigerant into the evaporator to absorb heat. When the air flows through the evaporator, moisture will be condensed. The blower then delivers cold, dry air into the mold chamber removing any condensation on molded surfaces.

Industrial dehumidifier
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