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2019 Taiwan Trademark Award

2019 Taiwan Trademark Award

GREEN TEMP TECH MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1981 and is marketed in more than 30 countries overseas under the company brand "YUTING". YUTING has many certifications, including: ISO9001, CE, patents, inventions, etc. The goal is to continuously improve and create competitiveness.

The trademark of YUTING is taken from the Chinese character "Yu Ting". Means: Operating with heart, steady growth; establishing the industry and creating a win-win situation.


YUTING's trademarks show the company's culture in color:

【Green representative】

Environmental protection loves the earth; the company's ice water equipment uses environmentally friendly refrigerants to avoid damage to the earth and achieve carbon reduction and warming, because of the global warming factor the environment is constantly being destroyed and only spontaneously can improve the environment.

【Blue represents】

The team operates steadily; the company sincerely manufactures every product and equipment, parts and consumables are selected from well-known European and Japanese manufacturers and certified products. The purpose is to hope that the company can grow steadily, so that customers have confidence in our company's products, and let us continue to grow steadily so that we have greater ability to serve every guest with care.

【Red stands for】

Professional and dedicated service; YUTING will advise customers to choose the right model from a professional perspective and enthusiasm, and will meet the needs of customers in the first time. Active and sincere has always been the service attitude of YUTING. Whenever customers need services, YUTING will always deal with it in the first time and achieve immediate service to solve customer problems.

YUTING has been continuously developing new products. The goal is to ensure that each customer can enhance their competitiveness when using YUTING products, and achieve a win-win strategy together, and let the YUTING trademark continue to be loud worldwide.

Green Temp Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

Green Temp Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

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