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KC-216H / KC-326H
Mold temperature controller-oil type

● KC-216H,326H

● High Performance, Accurate Temperature Control, Fast Heat-up,Comprehensive Safety Guards.

● The controller withstands temperatures up to 200℃.

● P.I.D micro computerized calculation assures accurate mold temperature control.

● The unit provides temperature uniformity on a mold, and ensures long mold service life.
● Two-step heating mechanism allows for electricity adjustment to suit temperature variations. The specially-construced heating system provides time and power saving performance.
● COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY GUARDS Non-fuse breaker, Lack of Water or Oil Alarm, Abnormal Temperature Alarm, Pump Overload Alarm, and an Automatic Power Cut Off for Maximum Safety.

● Rapid cooling and rapid heating.

● Temperature can be controlled at ±0.5 ~ ±1 ℃.

Mold temperature controller-oil type
Mold temperature controller-oil type
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